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Episode 5
Brother Phap Hai

In Episode 5, Brother Phap Hai teaches us how to be a heartfull leader through being present. He is a two time author and monk in the Plum Village tradition taught by the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. We engage in a spirited and practical conversation about how Buddhist principles apply to leadership. At the end, Brother Phap Hai was so kind as to lead us on a short meditation that calls you into presence. Enjoy it so much.

How to be a heartfull leader with Brother Phap Hai

Topics in this podcast:

  • What is like to be a monk

  • Being an experienced leader and supporting younger people in the team

  • Meditation, mindfulness and being present

  • How to take the experience of meditation to every day moments

If you loved what Brother Phai Hai shared, he would love to connect with you at He would love to invite you to daily meditation with the