Episode 6
Gisele Gambi

Wow, this is my favourite episode so far with the incredible Gisele Gambi, Intuitive Business Coach, where Gisele walks with us on her insights about being an energetically aligned leader from a place of 100% personal responsibility, unconditional love and compassion for yourself. I recommend tuning into this episode twice, and especially the meditation at the end. Enjoy it so much.

Being an energetically aligned leader with Gisele Gambi

Topics in this podcast:

  • 100% personal responsibility

  • Unconditional love and compassion for yourself

  • Being in energetic alignment as a leader

  • Role modelling by who you are being

  • Going beyond SMART goals

If you loved what Gisele shared, you can connect with her at www.giselegambi.com.au.